"Pffft! who needs a demo, Sign me up now!"


It’s a piece of cake!
Our platform will have you up and running like a pro in no time.

Forget the costly expenditures of a web developer, web designer and Graphic artist.  POC has all this available for you in our preset templates, customize them if you wish or go with it and tweak later. Regardless the cost to build and later revise your site is a thing of the past.

Self managed
No need to dedicate a resource to the management of you site, and no need to hire in a web developer to make changes.  You control your site, you change it when and as often as you like.

Say it with us!  Want to add a widget, change a background, revise a layout, remove or add a page?  No problem… its…. That’s right…. A piece of cake!!  The drag and drop functionality and easy to follow user interface puts flexibility at your finger tips.

Feature rich
Tons of features available from live feeds, youtube videos,
ecommerce with unlimited products, integration with payment
gateways!  And we are adding more all the time.  You will never be behind the curve but rather on the front line!

Google Tracking
Yup!  We got it! Watch how your site performs so you can make changes and get your name to the top of search. See what your visitors like and don’t, make those changes too.  You have complete control!

Why should you have a cake
i. Brand awareness, business presence
ii. Inform clients
iii. Sell products
iv. Promote products
v. Uniqueness of your product

"As stated above , no need for a demo for me, Sign me up!"

1-2-3 Steps

1. Choose your cake

          a. Create account
                    i. Simple sign up and account creation in minutes
          b. Select package
                    i. How big is your project?
                    ii. Don’t sweat it, you can always upgrade later if you need more stuff!
          c. Select domain name
                    i. Do you have a domain already? Great
                    ii. If not lets get you one, or lets just get started with our subdomain, you can get 
                       a custom domain later.

2. Add ingredients

          a. Select template
                    i. Lots of templates to pick from
                    ii. Again don’t sweat it, if you want to change your template and layout later,
                       no  problem! It is done on the fly!
          b. Customize your look
                    i. Pick your background, colour and images
                    ii. Design your site layout
                    iii. Pick your pages
                    iv. Pick your widgets , facebook feeds, galleries, RSS, youtube
          c. Add content
                    i. Plug in your text
                    ii. Choose your photos
                    iii. Add your facebook feed
                    iv. Choose your videos
                    v. Add your customer comments
                    vi. Add everything you want on your site.

3. Bake

          a. Publish
                    i. Click Publish.....!
                    ii. Pres-Dough!! You are LIVE on the internet!!

What is POC

  • Over 100 templates to choose from.
  • Easy store builder.
  • Easy to change your website anytime.
  • Mobile friendly websites.
  • Facebook Page creator.
  • Lots of perks and upgrades.
  • Deliciously tasty to play with!