Sarvy van Maris

Flavour Consultant

Founder, chief strategist, thought leader…. Sarvy is a savvy internet entrepreneur.  With two decades of internet business knowledge, project management, and website expertise.  She spawned the idea of helping her client base to more efficiently and economically manage their own website assets.  She is the driving force behind the evolution of Piece of Cake and its forefather Register IT.  Sarvy loves to eat cake and ride horses.

Favorite Cake: Ice Cream Cake... 2 in 1 !!!!

Roger van Maris 

Master Kneader

Operations and management guru, Roger has decades of entrepreneurship, management and project experience.  Keeping the Chefs in line and expanding the resources of Piece of Cake to better serve you is his primary focus.  With a background in technology with strategic focus on user experience and interaction, Roger will be key to assisting you with developing the perfect online presence.  A natural in the kitchen Roger loves to create something from nothing and then run to the beach to play volleyball.

Favorite Cake: Carrot Cake... It is classified as a vegetable isnt it?
  • Sandy Jack

    Mascot, Stress Reliever, Sampler
Despite the constant supervision, SJ abounds with energy keeping the office on their toes while bringing the much needed calm for a burgeoning tech company.  She shares her wisdom whether that be constructive or ….. well destructive at times.  But always with great humor and fanfare.  She will be key to the Quality Assurance process of all projects and project leaders. SJ evaluates all new recruits and has the final say.  She keeps her focus on the ball at all times!

Favorite Cake: – Really?? Not the fussy type!

Piece of Cake..... the Company

  • Over two decades on the internet we are passionate about empowering our friends to prosper.  We are a dedicated staff of professional web designers, programmers and strategists, who are help or advise as much as you need us.
  • Our platform is designed to make you completely self sufficient but we recognize that we are stronger working together so call on us as you need us.
  • In the web business for decades and having built hundreds of custom sites we recognized a need for a self-managed and agile platform so companies could control their own destiny, and with tightening budgets and the ever increasing cost of custom development, there was also the need for this platform to be affordable on an ongoing basis.  We are thrilled to be able to provide that solution in Piece of Cake!

How to reach us:

Piece of Cake Website Builder & E-Commerce
1534 Oxford Avenue
Oakville, Ontario,
Canada L6H1T9

Phone: 905-257-8698